Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New word of the day: Otiose

Otiose:  otiose |ˈōSHēˌōsˈōtēˌōsadjective
serving no practical purpose or result: he did fuss, uttering otiose explanations.• archaic indolent; idle.DERIVATIVES otiosely adverbORIGIN late 18th cent.: from Latinotiosus, from otium leisure.
"I settled in his arms, indulging his otiose endeavors at kissing ass." 

Keeping you up to date.

These months have been busy, but that is no excuse for being neglectful. My clientele is slowly growing. I'm currently doing a last look prior to paperback publication, and am anticipating a manuscript that I will edit from start to finish. I recently received accolades over a book I edited, which made me feel grateful and accomplished. I am also taking part in #NaNoWriMo and attempting to write my first novel. However, I'm behind - but that's WONDERFUL, because it means I'm busy!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Networking is a blessing!

Things have been busy! I'm currently working on a young adult paranormal thriller that is chilling! It's going to knock the socks off of everyone reading it! 

My networking efforts are paying off. I got a new client the other day. So I've got two projects - I'm so blessed. 

I'm attending Indie Fest here in Orlando, FL this weekend!  I'll be meeting some of my favorite authors and networking at the same time.  I'm looking forward to the symposiums on Friday - I expect to learn a great deal!  

Happy hump day, folks!

Monday, June 23, 2014

♥️ Release Blitz & Giveaway: "Cover Me" by Carrie Elliott! ❤️

Cover Me Banner
Title: Cover Me
Author: Carrie Elliott
Release date: June 23rd, 2014
cover me

Derek Bast, always has the final say. In business and in his personal life, things are done his way, or not at all. So when a scathing review of his new band is published in The Scene and has his record producer second guessing his artistic choices, his band mate trying to call the shots, and Bast’s manager convinced he’s impossible to work with, it’s time to hunt down the source of his problems: Bess Halprin, reviewer for The Scene, the girl next door growing up, and his ex-best friend since senior year when she decided to hate him for no reason.
The last person Bess Halprin wants to see standing in the lobby of The Scene is Derek Bast. Unfortunately, she can’t deny that the last nine years look damn good on him. She expected to hate him. She didn’t expect the way he can still tug at her emotions, or the way his kiss—and his hands—set her on fire. Bess should’ve kept her distance, because Bast was right when he guessed her review was written for revenge. The problem is, to this day he has no idea what he did—how he screwed her over their senior year. The bigger problem? She’s giving him the opportunity to do it again, because she never could resist him.
When circumstances bring them both home to Santa Cruz, Bast earns his way into the heart of the girl next door, but when they return to L.A. and real life rushes in, will he be able to keep her this time or are the mistakes in their past destined to be repeated?
When the hell did Bess get so feisty? I thought I had her there for a minute. She was so close to giving in. Jesus, with any other woman, I’d already be in a room upstairs, naked and sweaty.
That wasn’t something I’d ever wanted before with Bess, so it was a strange thought. There was the one time we kissed and it was as much a shock to me as it was to her. I didn’t even remember who initiated it, but both of us agreed it wasn’t something that should happen again, so that couldn’t be what she was pissed about. Why had we agreed it shouldn’t happen again? Oh, right, because she wasn’t whoever she was now. This Bess was a temptress, intentional or not. Her hair was silky soft, her scent somewhere on the side of floral, but with hints of vanilla that made me want to lick her like an ice cream cone. And those freaking glasses. My God, I wanted to fuck her in her thigh highs, red heels and black-rimmed glasses. I downed half my Jameson to settle down. The point of this meeting was to get her to retract her review, not to get her out of her skirt. She’d already shot down my attempt at that anyway. I hadn’t planned on the word vomit that came out about the day she left for college or Christmas Eve. It pissed me off, though. No matter what happened between us, no matter that we didn’t talk all senior year, she was leaving—going away—and I figured whatever went wrong between us would be put aside to say goodbye. Apparently, she’d ridded herself of me long before then. Too bad for her, I was back and not going anywhere until I had answers and a retraction of the review she admitted had a personal slant to it. I slammed back the rest of my drink, heard her heels clicking on the tile floor toward me, spun around and stood up. “Ready?” she asked. “For dinner. I’m starving.” She heaved a sigh and gave me an exaggerated blink. “It’s been nice catching up. Good luck to you, Derek.” Then she turned and headed for the lobby. “Where do you want to eat?” I asked, not letting her off the hook. I glanced down at my jeans and t-shirt. “I’m not really dressed for anything too fancy, but I remember you love a good burger.” She stopped and faced me, let her eyes wander over my face, then down to my chest, my waist, my legs. When she looked back up her expression was odd, almost sorrowful. “What?” I asked. Bess shook her head slightly. “I don’t want to regret this.” Her words were heavy with meaning. I wasn’t sure I was ready for that much meaning. “It’s only dinner.” She reached up and put a hand on my shoulder. “It’s never only anything with you.” I wasn’t sure she meant that in a good way or a bad way. Maybe she didn’t know either. “Burgers then?” Bess let her shoulders relax and her mouth shift into a smile. “Burgers.” She turned and strode toward the doors. “Forgiveness?” I asked. “Not on the menu,” she said, flinging the words over her shoulder. “Maybe not tonight…” I said. “Maybe not ever.” She smiled at the doorman as we passed.  
About the Author
Carrie Elliott2
Carrie Elliott is the author of the rock star romance, Cover Me and its follow-up, the short story Listen To Me (available free to newsletter subscribers after July 23: She lives in Ohio with her husband and two kids, is forever remodeling and undergoing a DIY projects, loves to read and hates to cook. Coffee and dark chocolate are her writing fuel and she’s stocking up! Look for more hot guys and feisty women to come!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A New Author Is On The Horizon!

OMG - I have a friend, whom I've known for about 10 years, and she's writing her first book.  She sent me the first chapter to "see if she has a future as an author".  I couldn't believe what I was reading.  It was really good.  When I talked to her about it, she told me she was up to Chapter 22!

Are you freakin' kidding me?  Chapter 22???!!  I'm so damned proud of her.  That I have a new client is the least of my excitement.  I can't wait for her to be able to hit "publish".  The fact that I will be with her on this journey makes so happy I could burst!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I was working on not one, but TWO manuscripts.  I am so incredibly thankful to the authors who are putting their babies in my care! 

The first manuscript has been completed and returned its author.  Boy, was I a nervous wreck! 

After all, editing a manuscript that will be read by thousands of people is an enormous undertaking!
I have every confidence in my abilities, but that does not mean I don't worry about over stepping my boundaries or - worse - doing more harm than good.  After all, I am surgically enhancing the work! 
She contacted me soon after the flip and she was thrilled with the work!  I am both relieved and overjoyed!  I knew I could do it - I just had to prove it to myself and everyone else! 

I have one other manuscript which is a work in progress.  So far, it is going well.  I should have the chapters I've received completed by next week!