Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New word of the day: Otiose

Otiose:  otiose |ˈōSHēˌōsˈōtēˌōsadjective
serving no practical purpose or result: he did fuss, uttering otiose explanations.• archaic indolent; idle.DERIVATIVES otiosely adverbORIGIN late 18th cent.: from Latinotiosus, from otium leisure.
"I settled in his arms, indulging his otiose endeavors at kissing ass." 

Keeping you up to date.

These months have been busy, but that is no excuse for being neglectful. My clientele is slowly growing. I'm currently doing a last look prior to paperback publication, and am anticipating a manuscript that I will edit from start to finish. I recently received accolades over a book I edited, which made me feel grateful and accomplished. I am also taking part in #NaNoWriMo and attempting to write my first novel. However, I'm behind - but that's WONDERFUL, because it means I'm busy!